Danger Zone Series: What inspired me to climb? #1

Hikers enjoing magnificent view of Mount Everest base camp.

Can pushing yourself to your own limits change your perspective on life? Where do you draw your limits anyway? Even as a child, I loved sports for its physical and mental challenge.. But nothing compares to the thrill and excitement of climbing an 8000m peak. It requires a high level of fitness, endurance, and resilience. It’s a personal challenge that tests your limits and pushes you beyond what you think is possible. And for me, that’s what makes it so alluring.

Just Make It Personal

I still remember the first time I set my sights on an 8000m peak. I read climbing stories on Cho Oyu and I was both excited and intimidated by the thought of climbing some of these world’s highest peaks. But I knew that it would take years of training and experience to even consider attempting it. 

And I soon realised that climbing an 8000m peak is not just about physical fitness, but also about mental strength and resilience. You would need to be able to cope with extreme cold, altitude sickness, my own fears and the risk of avalanches. The need to be able to push through the pain and exhaustion and keep going even when every fiber of your being is telling you to stop.

Why did I get there? 

To be totally honest, I never thought I would climb an 8000m peak. Ever. But after years of hiking and climbing mountains in the French Alps with my husband at the time, I knew it was time to take on a new challenge. The idea drops in your head and never leaves you. It was a decision that would change my life forever.

Climbing an 8000m peak has never been just a the way, and the experiences you have. It’s about pushing yourself to your very limits and discovering what you’re truly capable of. And for me, it was about gaining a new perspective on life. Looking out at the world below, where everything seems so small and insignificant. The petty worries and concerns that consume us in our everyday lives suddenly seemed so trivial.

May be it was a way to escape what I perceived as the monotony of my daily life. I am still not sure today. But I wanted to feel alive and to truly experience the world in a way that is impossible from behind a desk. it’s about the sense of freedom and adventure that I feel when I’m out there on the mountain. It’s about leaving behind the worries and stresses of daily life and embracing the unknown. The unknown, that’s it. That may be it. I may not be the most experienced climber out there, but I was ready to see where the journey would take me.

The Most Rewarding Experiences Of My Life

Sure, climbing an 8000m peak is not for everyone. It’s physically and mentally demanding, and it can be extremely dangerous. But for those who are up for the challenge, it can be an experience that changes their life forever. 

As my journey brought me to Nepal, I always found peace starring at the snow-capped peaks. Looking at the valleys that stretched out before me, all dotted with small villages and towns, each with their unique culture, temples and traditions. I deeply loved the people I meet along the way and their friendly welcoming.  I was grateful for their hospitality. 

Follow me in the Danger Zone Series, my personal journey to life, love, determination, and pure adrenaline.

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